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1.01 Meeting Time and Date
1.02 Order of Business
1.03 Presiding Officer
1.04 Committees
1.05 Ordinances and Resolutions
1.06 General Rules
1.07 Suspension of Rules


(1) Regular Meetings
Regular meetings of the City Council shall be held on the second Tuesday of each calendar month at 7:00 p.m. Any regular meeting falling on a legal holiday shall be held the third Tuesday of that month at the same hour and place.

(2) Place of Meetings
All meetings of the Council, including special and adjourned meetings, shall be held in the City Council Chambers.

(3) Quorum
Three Aldermen, plus the City Mayor, shall constitute a quorum but a lesser number may adjourn from time to time to compel the attendance of absent members.

(4) Agenda
An agenda shall be prepared for all meetings of the city council by the Clerk under the direction of the Mayor. The Mayor shall advise the council president, or other alderperson to preside over the meeting, of the items included on the agenda. An item may be placed on the agenda by the Mayor, the council president, or any other two alderpersons. (Adopted June 27, 2005)

(5) Special Meetings
Special Meetings of the City Council may be called by the Mayor, president of the council, or any two alderpersons and shall be held in the council chamber, or at such other public place within the city as determined by the council. No other business shall be transacted at a special meeting except as specified in the call of such meeting, unless all members are present and no objection is made. Special meetings may be called only by written notice served upon each member personally, or by leaving such notice at his usual abode, or place of business, at least six hours before the meeting. In addition, efforts shall be made to notify the Mayor and alderpersons of a special meeting by telephone, email and any other convenient method for contacting them. Such notice shall contain a copy of the call and a complete agenda of the business for which the meeting is called. (Adopted June 27, 2005)


The business of the City Council shall be conducted in the following order:

1. Call to order by presiding officer.

2. Roll call. (If a quorum is not present the meeting shall thereupon adjourn, which may be to a specified date.)

3. Reading, correction and approval of minutes of previous meeting.

4. Committee reports.

5. Unfair business from previous meeting.

6. New business, including introduction of ordinances and resolutions.

7. Reports of City Officers.

8. Communications and miscellaneous business.


(1) Control of Meeting The City Mayor shall preserve order and conduct the proceedings of the meeting. A member may appeal from the decision of the presiding officer. Such appeal is not debatable and must be sustained by a majority of the members present, exclusive of the presiding officer.

(2) Absence of Mayor If the Mayor is absent at any meeting the president of the Council shall call the meeting to order and preside.

(3) Participation in Debate The presiding officer may speak upon any question or make any motion if he vacates the chair and designates an Alderman to preside temporarily.


(1) Committee Appointments At a special organizational meeting on the third Tuesday in April, the Mayor shall appoint three Alderman to each of the following standing committees.

1. Committee on Streets.

2. Committee on Water and Sewer.

3. Committee on Finance.

4. Committee on Athletics.

5. Committee on Protection of Persons and Property.

6. Committee on Public Property.

The Mayor shall be an ex officio member of the standing committees and shall designate the chairman of each standing committee. All committee appointments except designation of chairman shall be subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the City Council.

(2) Committee Reports Each committee shall at the next regular meeting submit a report on all matters referred to it. Any committee may require any City officer to confer with it and supply information in connection with any matter pending before it.


Ordinances, resolutions, bylaws, communications and other matters submitted to the City Council shall be read by title and author and referred to the appropriate committee by the Mayor. No ordinance, resolution or bylaw shall be considered unless presented in writing by an Alderman. Unless requested by an Alderman before final vote is taken, no ordinance, resolution or bylaw need be read in full.


The deliberations of the City Council shall be conducted in accordance with the parliamentary rules contained in the latest comprehensive edition of Roberts Rules of Order of which Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised 10th Edition (Sarah Corbin Robert et al., Perseus Publishing, 2000), is the most recently published as of the date this Ordinance was amended. (June 2005)


These rules or any part thereof may be temporarily suspended in connection with any matter under consideration by a recorded vote of 2/3 of the members present.


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